Our Mission

Helping Others, Changing Lives

Our Vision

Changing lives together with simple acts of kindness.

Our Mission

To influence, inspire and impact individuals, families and entire communities for good.


  • Partnerships:  Implementing collaborative strategies that help create flourishing communities

  • Provision:  Providing key resources and advocacy for the economically distressed

  • People:  Moving people forward towards their preferred future

Philosophical Pillars:

  • Quantity:  Securing and stabilizing the immediate vulnerabilities of those in need

  • Quality:  Providing resources and a framework for healthier choices and living

  • Opportunity:  Purposeful engagement that leads toward increasing maturity

  • Community:  Providing a sense of belonging and an environment of mutual advocacy

The 7 Primary Objectives:

  • Practical: Providing practical solutions that create a positive impact in lives, families & community

  • Promotion: Influencing a movement that stirs up a contagious momentum of kindness.

  • Personal: Affirming the significance of those we encounter and encouraging personal dignity.

  • Partnerships: Working with others in order to do the most good together.

  • Programs: Serving the community with regular outreach and support initiatives

  • Provision: Providing food and other essential resources for the economically distressed.

  • Platform: Creating user-friendly service opportunities in order purposefully activate others

Who We Are:

Good in the ‘Hood is an urban-based, partnering organization committed to initiating and sustaining focused acts of kindness as a means of inspiring neighborhood decency and personal transformation. We believe that goodness and kindness are change-agent qualities and it is our firm conviction that urban renewal will take place when a focused and contagious momentum of kindness is made manifest. Our desire is to inspire individuals, families and entire neighborhoods to take responsibility and ownership for the growth, improvement and well-being of their personal lives and community. Through partnerships and kindness-based initiatives we believe the physical, emotional and spiritual climate of an entire community can be changed for good.

Do all the good you can; In all the ways you can; In all the places you can; As long as you ever can.  - John Wesley

Some of our Key Partners