Weekend Pack


Similar to our campus programs geared for college students, Good in the ‘Hood is collaborating with the South Washington County School District 833 to provide food subsidies for hungry students K-12 grade. The current trends are showing that nearly 20% of students are missing meals each week and suffering from food insecurity. Sadly, this may be hidden from the public eye as it most often takes place on weekends or when school is out of session and free or reduced meal access is not available. 

In order to be proactive in meeting this important need, Good in the 'Hood and District 833 schools have partnered together to form The Weekend Pack Program with a particular focus upon the following schools: 

Pullman Elementary School 

Crestview Elementary School 

Newport Elementary School 

Oltman Middle School 

Park Senior High School ‚Äč

Pathways Learning Center 

This initiative provides easy-to-prepare food items for students that have indicated a need for a bit of extra help. Each Friday or end of week; volunteers, staff and faculty members hand out food packs containing nonperishable weekend food subsidies for students to enjoy during the weekend. Each weekend pack is the equivalent of 3 meals. It's a wonderful partnership as Good in the 'Hood is responsible to procure and provide the food items while the local school provides oversight for the distribution. Working together in order to meet the needs of the next generation. Just another example of how Good in the 'Hood is working collaboratively with others in order to FEED THE FUTURE. 

A special thanks to Eagle Brook Church Woodbury campus for their partnership in order to help sponsor The Weekend Pack Program. 

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