Good InDeed

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Good InDeed serves as a catalyst for mobilizing support for those who are vulnerable, overwhelmed, or experiencing some form of personal crises. We engage individual and group volunteers by enabling them to invest their time, energy, and resources in a way that makes a direct impact in the lives of others. It’s just another way for Good in the ‘Hood to put our love into action by engaging volunteers to collectively offer practical support for a neighbor in need.

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Through our Good Indeed program, we offer a much-needed practical hand-up for anyone in need that is unable to manage a project by themselves. It’s just another way that we can initiate focused acts of kindness that inspire neighborhood decency and bring much-needed hope, a helping hand, and a whole lot of heart.

We all need the support of others from time-to-time. Good InDeed is a way for us to work together for good and to create a contagious momentum of kindness in our communities.

Contact us to learn how you can partner with our Good InDeed program, either as a recipient of our services or as a participating volunteer.

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