The holidays are a time of family, good food, gratitude, and celebration. While most of us look forward to this season with great anticipation and excitement, for those living in marginalized circumstances this is often not the case. Many are unable to provide even the most basic needs for either themselves or their loved ones. Sadly, this can lead to depression, overwhelm, and a deep sense of hopelessness.

With this in mind, we invite you to join our HOLIDAY HELP CAMPAIGN so that together we can offer good cheer and much needed relief to hundreds of hurting families and children during the holiday season. We need your help, whether it be an investment of your time, resources, joining us as a sponsor, or with a generous financial donation. YOU CAN HELP US to reach our goal to serve hundreds of Twin Cities families in need of holiday gifts for their children! For the past several years, we have partnered with many caring sponsors to offer an Adopt-A-Family shopping with dignity experience for families in need.

Join our HOLIDAY HELP CAMPAIGN today, as a generous financial partner or as a kind sponsor of a child(ren) and help make a BIG difference for a family in need!

Please see below to learn more about the different ways you can provide hope and bring joy to children and families in need this holiday season!

Holiday Help Adopt-A-Family


Due to safety and distancing considerations related to the ongoing concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have found it necessary to make a change in our program. For the 2021 holiday we are asking you, our generous sponsors, to partner with us by kindly donating gift cards for each child you would like to sponsor. This will enable us to distribute to each registered family using a safe delivery model so that everyone can receive support without the risk of contamination or the spreading the coronavirus including any of the possible variant strains. Our goal is to offer parents with children in need two $25 gift cards per child ($50 total per child). They can then use this to shop online or at their local retail store to choose the gifts that best meet the needs, interests, and wants of their child(ren). 


Due to the added difficulties many families are experiencing, this year, we are also hoping to add an additional bonus for the parents and families such as a grocery gift card, a fuel card, or public transportation pass. Although not required, please know you are welcome to contribute to this by donating a $25 gift card or a cash contribution with a note indicating “Holiday Help Parent Gift”.


This year, with the growing rise in cost of living expenses, inflation, and other economic distresses associated with the ongoing pandemic, we need your help and sponsorship more than ever. Will you join us in our effort to spread much joy and good cheer, rather than sickness and sadness, for the 2021 holiday season? 


To get started, simply register by completing the online Adopt-A-Family Application or make a generous financial contribution by the online Donation Form. This will enable us to know how many children we can sponsor and invite to participate in our Holiday Help Adopt-A-Family program this year.

Once again, our recommended guideline is two gift cards per child valued at $25 each ($50 per child total). As our kind partnering sponsor, you will have the opportunity to choose the number of children/youth you’d like to purchase gift cards for.

If you choose to, please also check the box if you’d like to add an optional additional gift card for their parent(s).


Good in the ‘Hood
7733 West River Rd
Brooklyn Park, MN 55444 
(our office is located at Waycross Evangelical Church)

Please contact us with any questions at 612-217-4003 or


Gift cards will be quarantined, cleaned, and safely distributed to pre-registered families during our Holiday Help events. Because we need to preregister our guests, specific times and locations for our events are given out to pre-registered families only. Weather permitting, our scheduled events are set to take place on the 2nd 3rd weekend of December.  

Additional Ways to Help this Season 


Each year we offer a Holiday for those experiencing Homelessness by giving winter coats, hats, gloves, and a pair of wool socks to our lonely neighbors in need. With this in mind, we are inviting you to give a bonus donation of a single pair of toasty warm wool socks for those who may be facing the icy cold elements during our holiday season. Please know this is completely optional and there is no obligation. If you do choose to participate, the new warm socks can be ordered through Amazon or a local online retailer or sent as a gift card. We will quarantine the socks before distributing these as gifts to ensure the safety and protection of our neighbors in need. 


Good in the ‘Hood
7733 West River Rd
Brooklyn Park, MN 55444
(our office is located at Waycross Evangelical Church)

Please contact us with any questions at 612-217-4003 or

Thank you so much for your kindness! YOU can make a difference in the lives and children and families across the Twin Cities this holiday season!


“I’ve been homeless for a couple years with my kids.  …I got housing (apartment).  I was finally able to move to my own place again and provide a roof over my kids head.  We moved in right around the holidays… so I wasn’t able to provide a Christmas due and being homeless for so many years.  My kids hadn’t had a Christmas for a long time.

Now this year, I was hoping to give them the best Christmas and one they deserve.  I’m a single mom of 5 with a baby due anytime.  My car ended up breaking down and my rent went up a month before the holidays.  Ugh!!!  I had to use my savings to get a different car and now didn’t have the money for gifts.  I applied to so many programs and was not picked.  I felt so defeated and sad that I could not, once again, afford Christmas for my kids.

I have no family to help or even celebrate with.  Then a stranger referred me to Good in the ‘Hood and registered my name.  I can’t thank all of the people involved enough.  My kids at least have a couple nice gifts.  Thank you all so very much!!!  Thank you for blessing my kids with a Christmas.  Happy Holidays to all.” 

~ Danielle R.

“I am so thankful for this fantastic compassionate program.  I lost my job and I am lacking the money to buy toys and gifts, so I am overjoyed to be able to give my children gifts and books.  May God continue to bless this program including the staff, the volunteers, and those who donate.” 

~ Jean M.

“Struggling with becoming homeless and couldn’t afford Christmas.  This is a huge blessing.  Thank you, guys!” 

~ Anonymous