Shoe Away Hunger

Shoe Away Hunger offers affordable quality footwear for those in need.  In addition, it helps us to raise the important dollars we need to continue feeding over 7,500 people each month through our Feeding The Future programs and services.  This amazing program offers a simple and meaningful way for you to join with us as we work together to eliminate local hunger “one sole at a time”.

DID YOU KNOW we have a Shoe Bus that is on the road hosting events several times each week to bring quality footwear to those in need?  This exciting mobile shoe store enables us to bless our community and to provide affordable quality footwear for those who are economically disadvantaged, including shoes for schools, shelters and local food shelves.  Please see bus schedule below.

More Information

Shoe Away Hunger – One Pager (PDF)

Shoe Away Hunger Shoe Event Schedule

View the Shoe Away Hunger bus schedule below to find out when & where the bus will be next so you can purchase shoes.



6th Mpls.- In the building–Lutheran Colportage (6295) (First Stop)- 2101 Chicago Ave S., Mpls, MN 55404. From 10-3 pm

10th Mpls.- In the building–Lutheran Colportage (6295) (First Stop)- 2101 Chicago Ave S., Mpls, MN 55404. From 10-3 pm

13th Mpls.- In the building–Lutheran Colportage (6295) (First Stop)- 2101 Chicago Ave S., Mpls, MN 55404. From 10-3 pm

20th Mpls.- In the building–Lutheran Colportage (6295) (First Stop)- 2101 Chicago Ave S., Mpls, MN 55404. From 10-3 pm

Please look at weather reports for the area of the shoe event you want to attend and/or look at this site PRIOR to arriving on site. Rain or inclement weather will cause the event to be canceled.

Feel free to contact Jamie at or 612-440-7463 if you have any questions.

How It Works

A single pair of new or gently used shoes, for someone in need, can have a big impact.  It’s often said, we really don’t understand the plight of another until we’ve walked a mile in their shoes.  To understand their struggle is important; however, to help them overcome it is even better.  By donating a pair of shoes or winter boots you help another desperate person in need to walk a mile or more in YOUR shoes.  With this in mind, we encourage you to CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET FOR A CAUSE and help us impact those in need of affordable shoe and help us eliminate hunger too.  It’s a great way to have a 2 for 1 impact, shoes for FEET and shoes for FOOD. 

How can you help? It’s easy.


  • Simply collect your new or gently used footwear including sneakers, casual shoes, winter boots, sandals, and heels.
  • Encourage your friends, relatives and neighbors to do the same.
  • Tie or band them together to avoid “shoe orphans”.
  • Please place them in a plastic bag to keep them dry.
  • Your shoes can be dropped off at any of these 9 Schuler Shoe Store locations:  NOTE:  if you are planning to drop off more than 50 pair of shoes or footwear items, please call ahead of time to arrange to drop off at our Shoe Away Hunger warehouse 8063 Ranchers Road NE Fridley, MN 55432 or to arrange a pick up: 612-440-7463 (SHOE).


If SHOE AWAY HUNGER resonates well with your interest and vision for making a difference, perhaps you might consider having an even BIGGER IMPACT by hosting a shoe or boot drive in your community, church, school or workplace.  It’s easy to do and it’s another way you can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE for so many in need of shoes, boots and food.

Check out the video below (or link: ) created for us by our kind sponsor, Eagle Brook Church and then follow our 4 step process for enjoying a successful event:

  • CONTACT Jamie Morrison, our Director of Operations at 612-440-7463 (shoe), or fill out this form. She’ll provide you with all the logistical details you need and offer excellent advice for helping to make your shoe drive a successful event.
  • COMMUNICATE to your team, plan for the date, and promote it to everyone. Let them know the amazing impact a pair of shoes can have for someone in need of affordable footwear and how this ultimately impacts the hungry members of our local community.
  • COLLECT only NEW and GENTLY USED shoes and winter boots. Band or tie them together and drop them off at our warehouse or coordinate a pickup time with Jamie.
  • CELEBRATE with your team knowing that every pair of shoes collected will enable us to buy up to 7 days of groceries for another hungry person and offer affordable footwear for someone in need.


Finally, another important way you, your church or place of business can have a significant impact is to sponsor a shoe bus event.  For only $250 you can cover the cost of our operations for an entire event that typically brings support to 50-100 households.  Every pair of shoes we distribute helps another person to have happier feet and enables us to continue buying groceries for the hungry.  Happy FEET + FOOD for the hungry = Shoe Away Hunger and this results in stable lives and a better community.


For more information, please contact us at or call us at 612-440-7463 (SHOE) .