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Originally Founded by Terry and Kris Munoz in 1999, Side by Side youth program has come alongside multiple communities to offer engaging and relevant youth programs and resources, to build and promote Community-based youth programs that relationally engage our next generation.

Today more than ever, middle school and senior high youth are experiencing a need for support that comes through meaningful, mature, and healthy relationships with adults and their peers.

Our objective is to assist and guide adult volunteers in rallying their support around the young people in their communities, to be the effective adult influencers our youth need and deserve. Side by Side is making every effort to be this key community catalyst.

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Terry Munoz, Side by Side Program Director

Good in the ‘Hood is excited that Side by Side became a program of Good in the ‘Hood in January of 2023. We welcome our long-time friend and partner, Terry Munoz to our full-time staff as our new Side by Side Program Director.

Program Mission:

To Foster and Advance Effective Community Based Youth Programs & Partnerships.

Our goals include promoting, supporting and advancing:

  • Relational youth programming to help young people experience healthy relationships, nurture hope, and encourage positive choices.
  • Community-based opportunities that equip adults with the necessary resources to successfully engage youth in a purposeful manner.
  • Meaningful occasions for young people to develop, practice, and use their gifts and talents to serve and lead in their communities.
  • Quality and impactful interactions between young people and adult youth leaders.


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Over the past several years, Side by Side has been developing and offering a community-based model for positive youth programs that can be replicated in other communities. Our most recent example is in Buffalo, MN, a vibrant city of nearly 20,000 residents located just a short drive west of the twin cities. Side by Side has been asked by community leaders to lead and to collaboratively host youth driven activities at the Buffalo Community Center.

The Side by Side FEED

The Side by Side FEED is a monthly gathering for those in high school to come together for a delicious breakfast, a connectional opportunity, and an inspiring message from a respected community leader. The motto of The FEED is, “Food for Life”.

Our meetings are averaging 55 students per gathering with a capacity to host over 100. We have hosted 110 High School Students in the 2022-23 school year.  We’re excited with the enthusiasm and excitement of our participants and volunteer supporters which includes 12 adults and 8 students who work together to plan the meetings, prepare the food, and provide transportation as needed. Individuals, community groups and Churches have generously donated to The FEED and we hope to garner even more support for the anticipated growth of this important community initiative.

High School Students! You are invited to The FEED the first Thursday of every month during the school year!  We are hosting evening FEED’s during the summer months.

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Great food, inspiring message, and good friends!

  • June 1st at 7:00 AM
  • July 6th at 7:00 AM
  • August 3rd at 7:00 AM

The FEED is held at:

The Buffalo Community Center
206 Central Ave.
Buffalo, MN 55313 (during the school year and TBD during the summer months). 

PLEASE RSVP by texting your name (and the name of any friends you are bringing) to 612-490-1548.

Evening Feed gatherings will include a cook-out, outdoor games, bonfires, an inspiring message, and great friends. 

The Side by Side Buffalo Youth Together (BYT)

The Side by Side Buffalo Youth Together (BYT) is an exciting new collaborative effort that will bring together several area youth workers to plan and host a regular quarterly event for our Buffalo area middle school and high school youth. BYT events will be fun, memorable, service-learning and leadership-based activities that encourage a greater sense of community connectedness and overall goodwill. It’s a great way to meet and to connect with the youth in a fun, safe, and collaborative manner that offers a wide array of engaging events and opportunities where they can learn and host service projects that help to foster a better community. Please contact Terry@goodinthehood.org for more information.


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Side by Side has various volunteer opportunities for youth and adults, including but not limited to: Leaders to help supervise events and lead small groups, provide and serve food for The Feed and summer barbecue outreaches, and more!

If you would like to volunteer at a Side by Side event, please visit our Volunteer page for more information.

Once you register for an event, we will contact you with additional information regarding a background check, which is required to volunteer with minors.

The youth of our community are the future leaders of our society and worthy of our best time, energy, and investment. Will you consider becoming a regular monthly recurring donor to help support us in our effort to offer leadership, guidance, and a meaningful connection for our young people. Your gift can make a difference that will last a lifetime. Thank you so much!

Make a tax-deductible donation to Good in the ‘Hood on behalf of Side by Side.

Cash/Check Donations

If you would like to donate with cash or a check, please mail to:

Good in the ‘Hood
7733 W River Rd
Brooklyn Park, MN 55444

Check should be made payable to Side by Side.

Credit Card Donations

If you would like to donate with a credit card, please use our secure donation form by clicking the button below that will bring you to our donation form for Side by Side.


General Inquiries:

Terry Munoz, Side By Side Program Director

Mailing Address:

Side by Side
c/o Good in the ‘Hood
7733 West River Rd
Minneapolis, MN 55444

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