Food Programs


Feeding the hungry is an important priority for our organization. Each of our hunger relief programs is designed to meet the needs of those suffering from hunger and food insecurity. Eliminating local hunger enables individuals and families to move past the immediate crisis and to gain the stability of life and the capacity to focus toward a better future.


We strive to move children, individual adults, and entire families towards a healthier future by providing them with the tools necessary to improve their overall quality of life. In order to achieve this we provide hot meals and wholesome groceries free of cost. We take pride in offering people access to better food choices through fresh produce, healthier recipes, cooking and preparation training, nutritional consultations, and community gardens. This work provides hundreds of families with a solid foundation of positive nutritional options.


Our programs also provide opportunities for our interns and/or recipients of our services to engage as volunteers. With increased responsibility comes increased confidence and personal development. We have found that providing meaningful opportunities for service and engagement enables our guests to develop a sense of purpose, fulfillment and renewed hope. In the end, many of our volunteers go on to become program and community leaders.


  1. Provide personal dignity and a greater sense of purpose.
  2. Provide an occasion for life skills development.
  3. Provide a safe environment for character maturation.
  4. Produce future leaders that will positively influence the local community and future generations.


Our ultimate goal is to provide a sense of belonging, mutual advocacy and connectedness for every person we encounter in order to help them to fulfill their destiny. This “community” spirit enables our guests to move forward in life with the support, social engagement and the practical resources necessary to perpetuate healthier living.  Not only will their individual lives and the local community be made better, ultimately it will positively impact the next generation too.


You can view a map of all our food program locations below.

Good in the ‘Hood Food Program Locations Map

For more information on individual program locations visit the program specific pages:

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