March FoodShare Campaign

March FoodShare is here and this means we have an outstanding opportunity to Bring Help and Inspire Hope in our community.

Join us in restocking our food shelves to help us bring support to hungry and hurting individuals and families that are living right here in our own community. 
In honor of our 20th Anniversary, will you help us meet our goal to raise $20,000 in food donations? Your kind support during this campaign will enable us to feed an extra 8,000 individuals and families in our local community!

Any amount helps, particularly during this annual Minnesota FoodShare Campaign as it will be partially matched during the campaign that runs from February 27 through April 9, 2023.

Donate to SoleCare For Souls

SoleCare for Souls is a medical outreach that promotes health through free medical foot care, kindness and the provision of critical services to over 2,000 unsheltered and hurting people every year. During the hands-on work of cleaning, trimming, and filing, SoleCare volunteers and staff listen to the men and women who entrust their feet to our care. With dignity and respect, we tend to their outer “soles” while we nourish their inner “souls” with friendship, encouragement, and kindness, bringing much needed hope to so many who are under-resourced or experiencing homelessness.

Learn more about our SoleCare for Souls program.

Make a donation to support SoleCare for Souls.


JOIN the TEAM and become a 10•4•1 sponsor!

Watch the video above to learn more about the 10•4•1 campaign. video url:

In order to reach our very important goal to feed up to 4,000 hungry people every month, we need 1,000 new donors to become 10•4•1 monthly partners. It only takes $10 to feed a family of 4 with essential groceries for 1 week.

Please make a donation to the 10-4-1 campaign.

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